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Support Staff and Team Specialists

Maine Ghost Hunters support staff and team specialists represent an aspect of our organization we rely upon quite heavily in order to express the level of professionalism MGH brings to the community at-large.  Each member on this page has, at least, one particular are of expertise that simply stands head-and-shoulders above the rest. 

These team members bring a level of professionalism to Maine Ghost Hunters not often found in other organizations that function purely out of voluntary desire, and they do so without regard for compensation or thanks.   They are the silence… and yet without them the Maine Ghost Hunters organization would be truly incomplete.  We are blessed to have such talented and dedicated members of our group dynamic and we need you to know who they are, because otherwise, we fear their contributions would go unnoticed, and that's just not the spirit of who we are or what we represent. 



November 2, 2011in Support Staff

Support Staff - MGH "New Hampshire Connection" - Erika

Meet Erika T. She's a lifelong (and current) resident of New Hampshire, so you can imagine how complimented Maine Ghost Hunters is to call her one of our own. Erika is an extremely active member of Maine Ghost Hunters. Having come into the MGH organization "cold" (not knowing a single person within MGH) Erika has made her mark. Erika's level of dedication, loyalty, and dependability are not easily found in volunteer organizations and this is why we tell you, Erika is "a spark among the embers". We are grateful to call her one of our own! View project
January 27, 2011in Support Staff

Support Staff - David

DavidH co-founded Maine Ghost Hunters along with KatM and TonyL back in 2008, but his involvement in the field of "paranormal" started well-over 30 years earlier. David's deeply spiritual view of life, and the afterlife, are both enlightening and insightful. David is a leader, a teacher, and a role model. We're proud to share the title of "member" and "co-founder" with team spiritual lead, DavidH. View project
January 27, 2011in Support Staff

Support Staff - Shara

Support staff member, Shara, has taken on roles within our meetup organization as well as our public speaking team. Shara is a "go getter" both online, and off. She excels in the social networking arena and her research skills have proven to be almost as invaluable as her interpersonal skills. Shara has brought a level of depth to the Maine Ghost Hunters support staff that clearly benefits the organization as a whole, and for this, we are grateful to have her as one of the team. View project