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Field Investigators



About Our Field Investigators

Maine Ghost Hunters Field Investigator positions have proven to be the most demanding, time consuming, challenging, and rewarding of our public-image positions.  Each of the investigators on this page has offered more of themselves than they probably anticipated prior to joining our team, and we wanted to take this time to recognize that fact. 

Inherent with the privilege of holding the title “MGH Field Investigator” comes the direct out-of-pocket costs associated with travel, equipment, and lost wages.  Our investigators and their families sacrifice family-time and weekend relaxation time to assist clients in desperate need of our help, and they do so with eagerness and genuine desire.  The evidence review period, which takes place during each investigator’s personal time lasts 2 to 4 times longer than its corresponding investigation period, and almost always requires near-silent conditions.  These circumstances, alone, require evidence review to take place away from people, or during late hours at night, or early (pre-work & pre-school) hours in the morning.  Each member on this page also has a direct and influential role in the day-to-day and issue-to-issue decisions made in the best interests of the Maine Ghost Hunters organization, so it would make sense to say that all are also involved in many other areas intricate to Maine Ghost Hunters aside from field investigations, such as website improvements, forum moderation, community outreach and education, and more.  These team members can be quite busy at times, and can hardly be considered one-dimensional in terms of their impact on the overall inner workings of what MGH ultimately shows to the public.

The people on this page have dedicated themselves in a way that seems almost thankless, and we wanted to make sure they know how special they are and how proud we are to call them our peers and our teammates.  


October 30, 2011in Field Investigators

Field Investigator - Team Lead - Tony

TonyL started Maine Ghost Hunters back in 2008 along with fellow co-founders KatM and DavidH. The team's lead technical guy, Tony's contributions can be seen on the internet via our team radio show, "Maine Ghost Hunters Presents: ZeroLux Radio". Tony is also the key ingredient to our website successes, making sure our website code is working properly and up to date. Learn more about Team Lead, TonyL, here. View project
October 30, 2011in Field Investigators

Field Investigator - Team Lead - Kat

KatM co-founded Maine Ghost Hunters back in 2008 along with TonyL and DavidH. Kat wears many hats and works very closely with much of what the Maine Ghost Hunters organization is involved with, but her primary passions are in the visual arena. Kat is rarely found without a camcorder in hand, and as always, she'd like you to know the Maine Ghost Hunters YouTube Channel is the place to be, if you want to immerse yourself in the MGH experience. View project