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Skeptic Approach

Maine Ghost Hunters is a skeptic based organization which relies heavily on our ability to record and present physical evidence to our clients. Our audio recorders capture spirit voices whenever possible, and our video cameras record any physical phenomena which take place during investigations. Physical phenomena can be anything from observing shadows that don’t belong to anyone in the room, the moving of objects, or the manipulation of our investigation tools by use of surrounding energy fields. We use all kinds of different tools to detect spirit interaction. Some are quite simple, such as hanging string from the ceiling with a single jingle bell tied to the bottom, and some are very complex such as our FLIR thermal imaging camera which is used to detect heat differentials in the environment. Any tool we can use that will allow our clients to observe the paranormal phenomena we record is a tool we consider a valuable asset to our equipment base.

Spiritual Approach

The MGH spiritual approach is highly dependent on a spiritually seasoned and thoroughly educated student, and teacher, of a wide range of spiritual modalities. David Hopkins is a Shaman who was born into a long line of gifted psychics and seers, and while he’ll be the first to tell you he doesn’t consider himself “psychic”, his abilities to connect with the “other” realm are undeniable. In the past, David has made use of many different types of tools depending on how his meditations guided him, including dowsing rods, automatic writing, his jet black scrying ball, Tibetan singing bowls, Genesis bowls, and many others. David has been known to sage a home or two in the process, as well. With well over 50 years of personal study walking his path toward spiritual fulfillment David has acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to lead Maine Ghost Hunters in those cases simply measuring spiritual activity will simply not suffice.

Referral Services

Maine Ghost Hunters networks with paranormal investigation teams from across the state to help insure clients who are out of our reach can still be helped by an organization that is in their area, or which may provide services out of our realm of expertise. There are also times throughout the year we simply cannot take on new cases. We are a volunteer organization and we sometimes become overloaded with too many requests to address in a timely fashion, so referring this overload to other qualified teams is an option we exercise.

If your team would like to be a part of our referral list please e-mail us at . Please note there will be a brief interview process with MGH Team Lead Tony before approval.


Maine Ghost Hunters gives presentations to Historical Societies, Libraries, Schools, Known Haunted Locations, and more … throughout the year. If you would like to have MGH present for your group send us an e-mail at with the specifics – date, time, location address, how many people you expect in attendance, etc… Please know that we get a lot of rush requests for the month of October. If you know you would like to have Maine Ghost Hunters present to your group we recommend you make your request early, as in Spring and early summer. Any time after August is when we start fielding a higher number of presentation requests for Fall.


Maine Ghost Hunters offers public ghost hunting investigations, usually during the fall months of September through November, via our Maine Ghost Hunters Meetup Group located at Most of our events are done as fundraising efforts for local charities and are usually represented at the time the events take place. MGH likes to be transparent about all fundraising efforts so we encourage those we raise money for to join us whenever possible. If they cannot be in attendance during the event itself we like to do our best to make a wide reaching announcement exhibiting our commitment to the charitable cause by posting a photo or video of us following through with gifting our promised donation to the organization the event was held for.

MGH also attends – as “special guests” or “guest hosts” – the fundraising events other organizations put on for their own charitable groups. We’ve worked with historical societies, towns, cities, and municipalities, schools, etc… If our presence can help an event run more smoothly, add to the atmosphere, or bring in more donations for a community cause we do our best to accept the invitation to help out. If you’re a legal non-profit – 501(c)3 or equivalent and you’d like our assistance at your upcoming event, e-mail us at .