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To request an investigation please:

1.  Copy/Paste the questions posted below into an e-mail you’ll send us
2.  Send these questions and your responses to
3.  Be sure to answer all of the questions.   Incomplete requests, or requests which are missing any of the questions/answers below will be discarded.
4.  Please understand MGH is a small organization.  We receive a large number of investigation requests each year.  We cannot possibly address every request we receive.  If we cannot take your case we may reach out to a paranormal investigation team local to your area in an effort to refer your case so your needs can be met.


Copy/Paste the following questions into your e-mail and be sure to answer all before hitting “send”:

1.  Your Name

2.  Your E-Mail

3.  Subject (reason for investigation request)

4.  How Old Are You?

5.  Physical Address

6.  City

7.  State

8.  Phone Number (including area code)

9.  Best times to reach you

10.  Please give MGH details of why you are requesting an investigation

11.  Has this location been investigated before?

12.  Please provide MGH with any historical information you may have regarding this location

13.  Do you rent, or own, this property?

14.  Please describe how close this location is regarding proximity to other buildings/neighbors, traffic, etc…

15.  Please describe the location – is it an apartment, stick built house, townhouse, condo, mobile home, etc…?

16.  How old is this location?

17.  Will you be able to clear the home of everyone but 1 homeowner during the investigation?

18.  Will you have a problem clearing the property (inside and outside) of all animals from the premises for an investigation? 

19.  Are you aware MGH Investigates between the hours of 6:00 pm and 6:00 am, and can you work within this time frame?

20.  Do you understand Maine Ghost Hunters is in Maine, which is in the Northeastern section of the United States?

21. Do you consider this an “emergency” situation? If so, why?

22. Please feel free to write anything else you think we should know.

23. Other

24.  MGH video records all investigations and makes the videos available for public consumption via the internet, television broadcast, etc…
Please indicate you are agreeable to this facet of the MGH process.