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Support Staff - Tiana


Name:     Tiana B.
Age:         37 MGH Roles:      Specialist Team Lead – Marketing, Maine Ghost Hunters BlogTalkRadio.com co-host

Paranormal areas of interest:      General investigation, EVP


About Tiana

I’m Tiana Bonenfant, fellow Maine Ghost Hunter and Maine native. I work for Mountain Wireless Broadcasting, where I wear many hats; I’m a Marketing Consultant, On-Air Personality, and Production Staff Assistant.

The multi-tasking doesn’t stop there; I enjoy civic unions and I am on the Board of Directors for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kennebec Valley, Co-Chair United Way’s Tier 1 Allocations Committee, heavily involved in the Kennebec Valley’s Membership Committee, and a Rotarian on the Hallowell Rotary Club. When I don’t feel busy enough, I enjoy supporting my friends at MGH!

My specialty is marketing, although I hope to find more time for investigations and assisting with EVP evaluations. I thoroughly enjoy the historical aspect of any case and like to help find the history of a particular dwelling that is experiencing paranormal activity. I have had many interesting experiences in my life; from my television changing channels, to my arm being pulled by a spirit -  I seek answers to these phenomena.

Maine Ghost Hunters is the first group I’ve encountered that has the passion for understanding the unknown and the skepticism and scientific prowess to uncover the actual truth as I do.  

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