November 2, 2011 in Support Staff

Support Staff - MGH "New Hampshire Connection" - Erika


Name:  Erika
Age:     44 yrs. old

MGH Roles:  Photography, Radio Show, Traveling, Writing (Fiction and Non-Fiction), Research (Current, Historical, and Mythological), Scientific Analysis, and Community Outreach

Paranormal Areas of Interest:  spirit photography, spirit contact and communication


Hi, I’m Erika Thorsell.  I’ve known, and have been actively involved with, the Maine Ghost Hunters since April 2010, and became a member of their support staff Halloween weekend 2011.  I have a BA in Environmental Studies from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.  I currently live in Penacook, NH and work in Loudon, NH. 

I enjoy being involved in my community by volunteering and helping out with outreach for various non-profits and other organizations.  My family has spent most of our summers on the coast of southern Maine enjoying all aspects of nature.  Growing up I also gained a healthy knowledge in the sciences, mythology (most specifically Celtic Mythology), music, photography, [as well as] art and literature [from the influence of my parents].  I can’t remember a time in my life when I haven’t been fascinated by the paranormal, so I can’t say there was a specific event or experience that got me involved.  Like most people who do get involved in the paranormal, I have had my own personal experiences.  Along with sharing and trying to answer my own questions about the paranormal, what Maine Ghost Hunters offers me is a way to focus, express, and tie all my interests in one phenomenal place and for one amazing group!




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