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Media - 2010 - The Mix 107.9

Maine Ghost Hunters and the 107.9 MixMaine Morning Crew

Halloween week was a busy one for Maine Ghost Hunters, but there's always time for radio appearances!  On Friday October 29, 2010 team members Tony and Windy traveled to the MixMaine 107.9 FM radio station for an early morning chat session with radio show hosts Jay and Tanya.  The in-studio interview took place over the course of an hour and half, and included some pretty cool information about some of Maine Ghost Hunters upcoming events and public outreach gatherings.  Both Tony and Windy even had the chance to request a couple of Halloween themed songs during the morning programming.  

Maine Ghost Hunters is incredibly grateful to MixMaine 107.9, Jay, Tanya, and our very favorite radio show hostess, Tiana, for inviting us to your radio station and for allowing us the priviledge of sharing our message to our local Maine community. 

If you missed the radio show live, and you'd like to experience it, no worries, we've created a podcast of the interview and have made it available for your listening pleasure.  Simply click on this link here and download it.  If that file is too high quality/too large for you, try this slightly less quality upload of the radio show.  You can hardly hear the different, and the download shouldbe much faster.


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