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Media - 2010 - Filming for "Psychic Kids"

MGH consults during filming of A&E's "Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal"

It’s finally here!  The A&E Network has announced this season’s schedule for the 2010 return of the ever-popular paranormal reality TV show, Psychic Kids, and Maine Ghost Hunters is among the lineup. As with our previous nationally televised media involvements, we kept this news “on the down-low” until the airing network released a formal public announcement of their own.  Now that the cat’s out of the bag, we’re pleased to alert our family, friends, and fans that Maine Ghost Hunters may be gracing your television screens some time this season, as a support team to our newest, and youngest, psychically gifted friend, Olivia.  

As supporting members of Olivia’s cast of friends, we aided in the technical and scientific aspects of the paranormally charged situation(s) presented to us.  With help from Chip Coffey and Edy Nathan, Olivia was bound to have a memorable, impressionable, and educational experience, and quite honestly, we were blessed to have been a part of her segment. 

Maine Ghost Hunters would like to thank Olivia, her family, Chip, Edy, and the production crew for affording us this opportunity and allowing a collaborative work environment that was as smooth as it was seamless.   We’d also like to send a “shout” out to Amy, Olivia’s 11 year old “Psychic Kids” friend with whom she shares this episode.  “Hey Amy!” 

Update: Looks like the Maine Ghost Hunters investigation team didn't make the video cut for the actual TV programming, however, we're stoked to have been included in the closing credits of episode 5, "House of Spirits"!  Thank you A&E Network!

If you would like to investigate with Maine Ghost Hunters we invite you to join our Meet-Up group.  We offer investigation opportunities from time to time and enjoy sharing these experiences with paranormal enthusiasts as part of our community outreach efforts. 



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