January 28, 2011 in Media 2010

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The narrator, Tony Lewis of Bowdoinham, made the video not because he doesn’t believe in ghosts but because he does. “We’re trying to increase public awareness of paranormal activity that’s real,” says Lewis, a cofounder of Maine Ghost Hunters (MGH). “So when we see those rumors, it’s a little irritating. That’s why we started doing investigations of some of the public places listed on these Web sites. Unless we can come up with evidence that there is paranormal activity, we have to assume that there isn’t.”
As Lewis suggests, most Internet ghost stories are dubious. One site claims that a certain Maine high school is haunted by the ghosts of five students “murdered mysteriously” in the 1950s. And yet somehow this mass murder never made the papers.
Other accounts are harder to dismiss out of hand. “On my desk is a five-page list of locations throughout the state where people have recorded evidence of paranormal activity,” Lewis says. “They range from old medical facilities to farmhouses to taverns and inns, bed-and-breakfasts, all the way from Kennebunk up through Bangor and beyond.”
Lewis’s wife, MGH cofounder Kat McKechnie, grew up in one such place. “She lived in one of oldest houses in Augusta — it was a tavern in the 1700s,” Lewis says. “She awoke during the night on several occasions with the feeling of an ice-cold hand going down her back. That would startle her and wake her up, and in the doorway she would see a figure.”


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