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Media - 2010 - A&E Bio's "My Ghost Story"

 Maine Ghost Hunters appear on Season 1 of "My Ghost Story"

Well, it came, and it went, and we soaked up every moment for all it was worth.   The whole "My Ghost Story" experience offered to Maine Ghost Hunters by the Mark Philips Philm and Telephision company was an opportunity we couldn't find reason to refuse, and after much discussion about storyline and perspective, agreed to film in Los Angeles, as well as back home in Maine.  The whole process of working with the production company, the director, and the film crew made our involvement in this project that much richer in terms of personal, and team, experiences.   We appreciated being afforded the luxury of traveling to "where it all happens", and seeing the bright lights up close.  Being in the studio, filming in a classic Hollywood warehouse setting, and observing how it's all done, from a first person perspective, simply made it one of those encounters we'll likely hold in high esteem for some time to come. 

One of the finest aspects of filming, flying out west, and watching ourselves on national television was doing it all with our clients.   Not only did we get a chance to relay our investigative accounts with our clients to a Hollywood film crew, we actually had the good fortune of being able to travel together, stay in the same hotel together, and film during the same general time periods.   We were a group of 9 Mainers making the most of an awesome opportunity, and not one of us took a moment of it for granted.   Would it have been a grand story to write home about if we'd have gone at a time separate from our clients?  Sure.  But making the trip all together?  Now that's turning something "special" into something "spectacular". 



Each episode featured one of our clients, and one Maine Ghost Hunters co-founder.   Team Lead, Tony, gave his retelling of accounts as they happened with our Bridgton client, Carmen, and her family (and yes, this includes, most especially, those family members no longer with them in physical form).  During the filming process out West the main focus of the Bridgton episode was on Tony and Carmen.  They were directed, interviewed, and filmed during back-to-back sessions.  But when the film crew traveled to Maine, the filming took more of a family-centered approach, which was completely appropriate for the stories Carmen had to tell.  In Carmen's episode we get to see a few of her family members share screen time with her, and our Maine Ghost Hunters footage exhibits a few of the investigators on scene, along with Tony.



David's episode was with Kenniston Hill Inn owner, Diane Ward, of Boothbay Maine, and the spirits that made an appearance during their Maine-based filming.  If you've seen Diane and David's episode you may recall a certain part where the camera seems to be filming the ceiling, while something that sounds like a marble is being rolled around overhead.  This wasn't made clear during the actual episode, but that sound was the first time it had ever made an appearance at The Kenniston Hill Inn and it was directly after the filming had started that evening. The film crew announced their presence and stated they were open to experiencing communication from whoever may be present with them.   Diane's reaction is genuine, and this scene is not a re-enactment.  



Kat shared her episode with the current Mill Agent himself, Mr. Ray Breton of Vassalboro, Maine.  He owns The Mill Agent's House, and stands guard night and day protecting the spirits who live along with him in this massive house he calls home.   Built in 1847, Ray's residence was constructed and owned by the old Mill company who also owned the mill across the street.  The Mill Agent, who lived in the home, was allowed to do so as a "perk" for running the day to day business operations of the Woolen Mill, and when the mill closed the home was sold into the private hands.   The dominant spirit in The Mill Agent's House is essentially nameless, since no real record of his identity is currently known, but he has shown his appearance to a few choice subjects, and all have agreed he looks like a "Captain".  It is because of this that Ray calls this gentleman spirit, watcher over the children who wander the halls of apartment 1, and overseer of all that goes on within the grounds of the property, "The Captain".   The Captain is a typical guy in a lot of "typical guy" ways, but the core of who he really is, is a gentleman, and he protects women who enter his home as any gentleman of his time would.  And, as Kat found out, sometimes, The Captain likes to make sure you know he's around, and he notices what you say, or what you do, while you're in his space.  For better or worse, The Captain is always watching.  Lucky for Kat, it was "for better" and her stories about her experiences with The Captain are nothing less than admirable.   (Thank you, Captain, and Thank you, Ray)





If you'd like to catch our appearances on the A&E Bio Channel's "My Ghost Story" in re-runs or on DVD, check out Season 1.   Thank you to Mark Philips Philm and Telephision, A&E Bio Network, Rick, Chris, Barry, Lou, and our clients, you all helped make the experience a pleasure.





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