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Media - 2010 - Animal Planet's "The Haunted"


As Seen On The Animal Planet's "The Haunted" – Episode "Ghost Box Prophecies"

If you missed Maine Ghost Hunters during the first-run of The Animal Planet's paranormal TV show "The Haunted", episode "Ghost Box Prophecies" don't worry, because there's always re-runs.  In the first week it aired, the episode ran 3 times: Sunday December 6 at 10:00pm, Friday December 11 at 10:00pm and Saturday December 12, at 1:00 am in the morning. 

Maine Ghost Hunters is involved in this episode of "The Haunted", along with the featured Maryland-based paranormal team, PRRSociety, due to our extensive investigative experience on the grounds of the Henryton, much of which was in collaboration with the PRRS team.  We've captured interesting results from various ghost box sessions at The Henryton, and have collected some of our strongest, most compelling EVP's there as well. 

Since this episode really centers its content on the subject of "attachments" we would be remiss not to include the statement that members of our 2 teams have, indeed, had run-in's with paranormal phenomena we considered "negative" and which we could attribute only to having been involved with this location.  As the client clearly states in this episode, sometimes it's hard to believe such things happen, until they happen to you. 

If you're planning a visit to The Henryton, please pay respect and homage to the lost souls who suffered terribly in life, and who continue to suffer aimlessly in death.  If you can bring yourself to personally understand the horror and tragedy these African American TB patients endured in their final days of life, you might be able to connect with what remains there.  Listen to our EVP's, and understand for yourself. 


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