January 28, 2011 in Media 2008-2009

Media - 2009 - Times Record


Times Record – front page cover story weekend edition


In the Nicole Room on Wednesday, Lewis immediately headed to the infamous closet, hoping for a repeat visit by the Betsys.

“Can I hold your baby, Betsy?” she asked. “Come over in the closet with us.”

“Holy crap! I just scared myself,” McKechnie said suddenly. “That was cold on my arm. I’ve never been touched so purposely before.”

Noting a ringing in her ears, she said, “I heard that whining again. I keep thinking it’s from in there,” pointing to the closet.

But no, the sound was coming from the bathroom. Over my shoulder. That moan, or groan. I turned quickly to scan the empty room before moving quickly to the other side of the bed.

“Yeah, we’ve been watching a head sort of bobbing around behind you for awhile now,” McKechnie said, smiling from under the red light of her night-vision visor.

“It’s not an evil presence,” She reassured me. “We didn’t want to say anything because we thought we might scare you.” (…read more)



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