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Media - 2009 - Q97.9

On Friday October 30, 2009 Maine Ghost Hunters members Tony and Kat took a road trip to Portland's 1 City Center to meet up with the "Q" Morning Crew.  Hanging out with Lori, Jeff, and Meredith for an hour was a great way to spend our morning and we definitely want to give a shout out to the trio for granting us the privilege.  Thank you so much! 

 We hope you'll be intrigued enough to download this podcast clip of our time with the "Q" Morning Crew.  We'd love to share it with you.  While we were there we were asked to take a look at a possible haunted location on-site, and got to hear a first-hand account of a face-to-face paranormal experience. Not only were we intrigued to learn about the stories and personal accounts of other personnel and employees of the station, and the building in general, but we also learned a brief, but increidbly intriguing history of deaths and traumatic events that have taken place within the building and on


the grounds the building was constructed.   Fascinating!

Tony:  "We use a scientific approach the very first time we go into an investigation, and we make multiple visits to a location so, we do some historical research, a lot of interviewing with either the owner or the resident at a location.  And then we go in with our scientific equipment. "


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