January 28, 2011 in Media Announcements

Media - 2009 - 92 Moose


Co-founders of the Maine Ghost Hunters organization, David H. and Tony L. met up with Central Maine's finest morning host DJ's, Jon James and Renee at the 92 Moose radio station in Augusta on Wednesday, October 28, 2009 for an 8:00 am guest spot on the Moose Morning Show. Download our podcast of the event and put some Maine Ghost Hunters in your head !

 David:  "There is activity around cemeteries just because of the emotional baggage that happens there.  Around Halloween?  Some people do believe that the spirits do come out at that time of year.  I feel that they're out all the time.  I don't think they follow a calendar."

 Tony:  "We mostly investigate based on requests from clients and the public for activity that occurs either in their place of residence or their place of business…  Many of us have had a deep interest in the paranormal for quite some time, since our younger years, and some of us have a deep spiritual inclination as well.  So, we've been friends, most of us for a very long time, and we decided to get together and put our heads together and see what we could do in the paranormal world, and see what we could find."

Maine Ghost Hunters would like to thank Jon James and Renee for taking the time to have us on the Moose Morning Show. We're forever grateful.  Thank you so much!






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