October 30, 2011 in Field Investigators

Field Investigator - Team Lead - Tony

Name:   Tony 

Age:       50 

MGH roles: Co-Founder, Lead Investigator, Case Management, Webmaster/Coder

Paranormal areas of interest:  apparitions, spirit voices, spiritual energy, low level energies, etc…

Hello, I’m Tony L. and I’m a co-founder of Maine Ghost Hunters.  I’ve had paranormal experiences as far back as I can remember, and consider myself somewhat of a mild “sensitive”.  I’m a hard core “numbers” guy so I find it’s not that hard to keep my ability on the back burner, secondary to the skeptic process of our data collection.  I believe in the ability and contributions of the psychic investigator but as a secondary approach to obtaining evidence through a more scientific method.  It’s my opinion that the more concrete evidence we collect (hard numbers and physical evidence) the more widely accepted and respected our evidence will be perceived by  the standards of skeptics and peer investigative groups, alike.   As for what I do when I’m not hunting ghosts;  I’m a Software Design Engineer with 20+ years experience in the technology industry.  I’ve been designing software applications and systems since 1996 and have led development teams for companies such as Microsoft, Unum-Provident, and several start-up organizations.  I have a passion for “the process” and rarely take my roles, responsibilities, or directives, lightly.  I bring this focus and structure to the heart of the Maine Ghost Hunters group in order to best serve each of our clients to the best of our collective ability.



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