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Trebor Mansion

The following excerpt has been quoted from the Trebor Mansion website

“Trebor Mansion was commissioned by David Robinson Straw to be built in 1830 by architect John Monroe, and expanded to 22 rooms in 1836 and 1849…  The owners of the mansion over the years have been equally eccentric. The last of the Straws to live in the mansion spent decades in an insane asylum before her death. The last owners to live in the mansion before its renovation in 1976, George and Helen Haley, lived for years in two rooms in the west wing, rarely entering the main house. Vines and undergrowth obscured the front of the house. They bought it for $2,500 in 1946 from the family of a Unitarian pacifist United States Senator from Illinois who purchased the Mansion as a wedding gift—for his mother-in-law! He gave her the keys to the mansion at the wedding in Chicago in 1933. (This must be the most elegant method known for removing an in-law.) When Senator Paul Douglas died, he was cremated and his ashes scattered in a Chicago suburb. The burial site of his wife, a US Congresswoman, is unknown. Local lore has it that Omar Lombard, of the famous inventors Lombard, was involved in the house’s construction. He died in 1990 at the age of 101.”







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