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Case Files - 2011 - MGH050611




Maine Ghost Hunters conducted this private client investigation in Spring of 2011.

This residence was originally built in the late 1700's and has been home to numerous families throughout the past couple of centuries.  In its early years it was home to a local minister and his family. It also served as the town's earliest "church", or place of worship.   It was later re-modeled into a full-time home and eventually into a larger farmhouse.  Over the course of its history it has been added onto, improved, and has seen its share of minor re-designs.  There were likely children born in the home, this is something we can infer from its age, alone, however we need not infer that this house has seen its share of death.  People have not simply passed-on, having been associated with the home, but rather, there have been deaths within the home itself.  Some of these deaths were tragic and traumatic, others were simply a course of nature. 


Our video presentations are separated into 3 parts.  The first part was an EVP session we did to see what kind of contact we could make with the spirits that may have been in the home at the time.   The clients have had numerous reported sightings of full bodied apparitions on both residential levels of the home, so the question wasn't centered around "is there a presence" but rather if the presences that have been personally experienced are residual or intelligent. 

Video #2 exhibits how we progressed into a ghost box session, which allowed for any intelligent spirits which may have been present, to speak to us in as much of a real-time manner as they could manage.   We had a good amount of radio signal on the AM band in this area and this may have worked to the advantage of any available spirit presences.   The clients were most interested in the possibilities of making contact with a man named "Vick" whom they believe was a slave involved with the Underground Railroad, and a past resident named "Rick" who died in the living room of the home.


Video #3 is a flashlight communication session we did where we may have made contact with a young boy spirit named "William" who may have drowned in a pond out in the field behind the house.


EVP Session



Ghost Box Session




Flashlight Session


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