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Case Files - 2011 - MGH040811



Maine Ghost Hunters conducted this private client investigation in early spring, 2011.

The home was built in the mid-1800's in mid-coast Maine. The structure is strong, historical, and very well preserved.

Reports of hearing footsteps upstairs on the vacant 2nd floor, sounds of small pieces of furniture, such as chairs, being moved and dragged, knocking sounds on doors, as well as walking outside on the porch from the steps to the door.

These videos are parts 1 and 2 of a "flashlight communication" segment the investigation team conducted. While we were unable to capture certain aspects of the evening on video – occurrences such as being touched multiple times, seeing a shadow near our bags/gear, hearing rustling sounds near our bags/gear, and hearing voices in real-time – the flashlight communication seemed to be a little too coincidental to avoid considering "unusual activity". The most peculiar moments of "communication" came when we addressed these real-time experiences to the spirits, and the flashlights went on and off almost immediately, as if we were having an "in the moment" conversation.





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Part 1



Part 2





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