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This entry covers 2 separate investigations; the dates of March 19th and March 26th.  We've combined the evidence for each because Saturday March 19th was an especially uneventful evening – until we left, at least.   We expected March 19th to be one of the most active investigation evenings available to us, considering we were under the spell of an extremely rare "super full moon", but it turned out to be somewhat of a bust.  The building was eerily quiet, we heard very little that was out of the norm.  Our instrumentation read within the "normal" range, pretty much all night long, and our EVP sessions seemed to be just as quiet.  

However, after we left the museum the place came alive.  By 3:00 am the security system had been tripped from the inside of the building.  Motion sensors had been set off, and an emergency run to the location had to be conducted by security personnel.   Something was moving inside the old keeper's quarters. 

On Saturday March 26th we decided to take a trip up into the tower to see what may have been going on up there.  Only a week prior there were reports of hearing footsteps on the spiral staircase, shuffling and male vocals on the lower level, and the sudden (and unexplainable) "misplacement" of tools being used by the lone handyman, who was in the process of fixing something on the upper tier.

With our previous EVP evidence on our minds, and our previous real-time physical experiences of being touched, hearing vocals, and seeing our equipment activated, we headed into the night of the 26th with a plan.



Reported activity in the tower includes:

  • male vocals heard on the lower level from the upper tier
  • tools being misplaced and relocated during maintenance
  • the sounds of footsteps on the spiral staircase inside the tower
  • the sound of feet shuffling on the floor of tower's lower level
  • the security system has set itself off inside the locked building when no one was present to trigger it
  • an non-threatening feeling of being watched, reported by the staff in a 2nd floor hall in the residence quarters



Interesting information about the keeper's house/museum:

  • bodies of the deceased pulled from the ocean were stored in the basement level of the keeper's house
  • at least 1 death has been recorded here; a small child named Mary
  • Portland Head Light was one of the most prestigious lighthouse appointments a keeper could be awarded, and so it was highly requested and coveted



EVP 1 

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EVP 2 

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30 Minute Video for March 19, 2011 – "Super Moon"








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