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Case Files - 2011 - MGH021911




The Maine Ghost Hunters' investigation team was absolutely thrilled to be asked to investigate the Portland Head Light museum at the beginning of 2011.  Over the course of the first few months of the year MGH team members Tony, Kat, and Windy visited (and revisited) the museum for the chance to capture previously reported paranormal activity on MGH audio and video recorders. 


Reported activity includes:

  • a locked door opening in overnight hours
  • the same locked door opening while an attendant was present
  • the contents of a desk appeared to have been "wiped" off the desk and tossed across the floor
  • the security system has set itself off inside the locked building when no one was present to trigger it
  • vocals have been heard within the museum (old keeper's house)
  • vocals have been heard within the lighthouse



Interesting information about the keeper's house/museum:

  • bodies of the deceased pulled from the ocean were stored in the basement level of the keeper's house
  • at least 1 death has been recorded here; a small child named Mary
  • Portland Head Light was one of the most prestigious lighthouse appointments a keeper could be awarded, and so it was highly requested and coveted




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Investigation Video – Part 1



Investigation Video – Part 2



Investigation Video – Part 3

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