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Case Files - 2011 - 071611



This investigation was wrought with more noise, sound, and vocals from the exterior than we had experienced during our first investigation because it was the middle of summer and the bar across the street was a hoppin' joint.  The vehicle noise was out of control, booming stereo systems with thumping basses we could actually feel in our chests when the vehicles passed by the windows, and the bar patrons screaming and hollering to each other, made for an incredibly interesting set of circumstances.  Anyone who says they have pulled viable EVPs from this location needs to have a large number of cross referenced audio recording devices, as well as video recorders which capture the exterior of the building before any potential EVPs can be taken seriously.  The noise pollution to the interior of this home is simply uncontrollable within the investigated environment – this is undeniable.  So, while it's not impossible to capture viable EVPs here, it is highly unlikely that any investigator worth their salt will take seriously those files which are claimed to be EVPs without a strong set of multiple recordings taken at the same exact time for cross referencing purposes – it is simply a necessity for this location when considering audible evidence.

Video evidence, however, can be managed by closing the heavy curtains to the exterior, and by closing doors to rooms with exterior windows to minimize the flow of light from the outside.  Also, if investigators make use of tools (or toys) for spirits to manipulate and exhibit their presence with, this could work to the advantage of video as well. 


Needless to say, we took a heavily video oriented approach to this investigation.  We used multiple pieces of equipment, various tools, and had much luck – as can be seen in these videos – with our flashlight sessions.



Attic Series – 2 Boys


Part 1 – The Introduction of Maine Ghost Hunters to the spirits


Part 2 – The boys are clear with us at 0:34 and 0:47


Part 32 boys, a male, and a female servant


Part 4 – If 1:10 isn't enough, we offer you 3:09 just to make things more interesting




Master Bedroom Series



Part 1 – The "MGH 8 to 10 second rule" and a burning smell that just won't quit



Part 2 – Interesting how talking about the secret tunnel can get a conversation going



Part 3 – Women, and a connection to a particular bed



Part 4 – The nanny speaks? We aren't sure, so we lead out and say "good-bye"





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