November 6, 2011 in Case Files 2011

Case Files - 2011 - 040211


This was our first investigation attempt at the Haunted Victorian Mansion in Gardner, Massachusetts. Our hosts (Lillian and Edwin) were fantastic and accommodating, but the outside street noise, which is a constant presence, hindered all our attempts at conducting an EVP session.  We were unaware of this environmental aspect of the location before we arrived on scene, but a work-around was pretty easy.  Instead of focusing on collecting EVP's we worked some experiments with video, including a very brief flashlight session, which has been provided below.

Investigating this location was a learning experience we were glad to have, as it taught us to think ahead for future unforeseeable situations.  The bar across the street has a closing time of 2:00 am, and the street itself (bar patron-traffic aside) is a highly trafficked area.  None of this was made known to us before we committed to investigating the environment.  Given the many, many, claims of  investigators capturing multitudes of Class-A EVPs at this location we couldn't help but wonder how many actually originated from outside, because by the time teams generally wrap up their investigations it's right around the 3:00 am mark, and the bar patrons were still mingling and talking outside for a strong 40 minutes after closing time.  Our audible experiences here were wrought with very loud external vehicle noise, booming stereo systems, randomly hollered vocals from passersby, and bar patrons who chose to hang around outside on the porch area of the bar.

Moral of the story?  It's best to focus on visual evidence in cases like these, and definitely be prepared for unknowns when your team is a healthy distance from home.

Many thanks to Edwin and Lillian, they provided a wonderful array of snacks and warm drink options, and they were incredibly accommodating in all respects.  The home is absolutely stunning, and we are thankful for the privilege of being allowed to investigate your beautiful home.







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