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Case Files - 2008 - MGH122808


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Description of location

Abandoned in the late 1980's, this 220+ acre medical complex is in rough shape.  It was originally created to be used as a tuberculosis hospital for Maryland's African-American population.  While there were other African-American based facilities specifically designed for the treatment of tuberculosis, the Henryton complex was, unfortunately, a final stop for a majority of the patients referred here.  Considered to be a dying ground, of sorts, this hospital handled the cases considered "incurable" by modern medical standards at the time.

Most of the building were constructed with aesbestos, which makes walking these hallways quite dangerous if you're not wearing appropriate safety gear.  The children's building is one of the more stable structures on the property, having been built mostly out of brick, but there are areas where danger is more than apparent.  A fire, some time ago, caused the entire front roofing of the building to collapse into the 2nd floor balcony area. 

Other safety concerns within many of the buildings are mold and exposed toxic contaminants, holes in floors on all levels, water damage which has caused unstable roofing and flooring,  unstable, unsecured and detached stairways, as well as detached hand rails and lots of broken glass and head-level hanging pipes and metal.




Reported Activity
  • photo apparition of man in 3rd floor main buliding balcony
  • full body black shadow apparitions in main building cafeteria area
  • full bodied apparition of nurse in middle section lower level, intelligent interaction
  • children's wing activity – kids and adult male(s)
  • full bodied black shadows in 2nd floor of admin building
  • doors slamming on 2nd floor of admin building




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