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Case Files - 2008 - MGH112308


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Location description and history

Two-story single family dwelling built in the 1920's. Residence had gone through some recent remodeling. Home is situated on a corner lot and receives traffic at a 4 way intersection in a small neighborhood setting.   Property was purchased by the brother of the original owner/resident, back in the early 1920's.  Brother built the home.; Orignal owner lived in the home until the 1980's. Home was kept in the family until it changed hands to the family who lives there currently.  Family of original owner is still in contact with current owners.



Reported activity  
full bodied apparition multiple times water faucet turning on and off by itself
movement inside a crawlspace shower curtain opened by itself during shower
sounds of footsteps going up and down the stairs dog barks and watches something that is "not there"
movement and shaking of handles within site of resident unlocking & opening of locked China cabinet door


Lunar Phase:  14%  Waning



Case Status: On – going
Type of Haunting: Intelligent
Activity Classified As: Benign
Level of Paranormal Activity: Mild to Moderate
  Frequent and Visibly obvious at times








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