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Maine Ghost Hunters’ Mission Statement
Our mission is to assess environments for paranormal activity with a primary approach via a skeptically based method, and a secondary approach via a “sensitive” or psychic method.  If paranormal activity is found we will do our best to resolve the situation in a way that is acceptable to those involved, while prioritizing the best interests of our clients at all times.




Extended Mission Statement

Who are we? We’re a core group of 3 members with varying degrees of skill and knowledge in our individual chosen areas of primary interest. Technically speaking, we have a solid knowledge base in the hardware and software components used in many (if not all) of our investigation procedures. We have in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of many of the “gadgets” used during investigations along with the ability and knowledge to manipulate them in a manner which best suits individual investigations. As a group, we’ve studied for years regarding matters of the paranormal, either by the written word, casual personal experience, or organized “group” investigations. We’re well versed in the attraction, dangers, and awe of the paranormal and the unknown. The spiritual side of our expertise is something we hold of the utmost importance and are more than willing to address with those clients seeking a deeper understanding, should they consider their home to be “haunted” by the results of our skeptic-based investigation results.

What separates our team from other respected paranormal investigation groups in the State of Maine? We offer services that extend the ability to give you our opinion on whether or not your home is haunted. We aren’t simply at your service for a ghost investigation; we’re at your service to help you come to terms with the realities of why you sought our services in the first place. Our goals are to collect data to the best of our ability on your behalf; to offer that data to you in a way you can understand and best handle emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically, and to help you come to an ultimate resolution that suits your needs as an individual, family, or “group” as a whole. We place skeptic-based methods and means ahead of psychic intuition because we know, all too well, that the “logical”, physical facts approach, is very likely how you “live” your everyday life. We engage our services on your behalf with the understanding that if you were psychic you wouldn’t need us to verify whether or not your home, or the environment in question, contains paranormal activity. It’s for this reason we may implore the expertise of team sensitive(s), but almost certainly after a skeptic-based approach has been fully exhausted to the best of our collective ability. Plainly spoken, “the ‘psychic’ validates the skeptic”, which leaves little room for clients, peer groups, and the “profession” as a whole, to question the validity of our findings. The evidence we present to you will almost certainly withstand the tests of time, fads of future ghost hunting procedures, peer review, and paranormal skepticism alike.

If we can meet all of these standards for you, to the best of our collective ability, then we can consider our involvement in your paranormal experience to be “a job well done”.





Goals of Maine Ghost Hunters