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The Maine Ghost Hunters team membership application process is currently closed. We receive “requests for membership” from interested persons on a routine basis and while we’d love to add new members regularly, this just isn’t possible.  We will undoubtedly open the application process again in the future, so if you think you might be interested we suggest you consider the following:
When MGH begins the process of accepting membership requests our first concern for potential applicants is whether or not their submitted skill set can fill a void within our organization.  Are you a great investigator?  Super.  But we already have 4 great investigators.  MGH has no current openings for our investigation team, nor do we ever for entry level membership.  Maine Ghost Hunters is a client centered organization.  This means our primary concern is not the investigation of haunted locations, but the clients that live or work within these haunted locations.  It’s because of this we find solid reasoning for extensive training of new members to our non-investigative processes and protocols long before we consider bringing any particular team member into the fold of our investigation core.

Support staff positions MGH is routinely looking to fill when we open our new member application process:

Historical Researcher, (assistant) Case Management, Investigation Location Scouts & Location Researchers with the following skill set(s):

  1. A strong personal interest and experiential foundation of historical research in Maine and New England.
    • Candidates will already have a solid understanding of how to research histories and specific historic locations/events in Maine and New England prior to requesting MGH membership.
  2. Ability to suggest qualified investigation locations on a regular and routine basis, with researched documentation of pertinent historical events as well as paranormal activity of each location.
  3. Savvy interpersonal skills and a penchant for communicating clearly with clientele.
  4. Self starter with initiative and goal based directives for the task(s) at hand.


All qualified applicants will have the following before applying:

  • Experience with evidence collection (being on a paranormal investigation team previously is not a requirement)
  • Experience with audio collection, review and picking out valid EVPs
  • Solid experience with at least 1 dependable audio software program for use with EVP review.
  • The ability and desire to dedicate a minimum of 2 weekend days each month for investigations.
    • must prove proficiency with software program and audio hardware
  • The ability and desire to dedicate the time required to review collected audio evidence a minimum of 2x.  (for every 2 hours of audio, 4 hours of review is necessary, at a minimum).
  • The ability and desire to dedicate 1 additional weekend day per month for team evidence review and/or team meeting day.
  • The ability, desire, and interest to take part in MGH outreach programs such as our radio show, and our in-person MeetUp group meetings.
    • An area of expertise, be it personal or occupational or otherwise, which will help bring depth to our organization. (Examples: writing, photography, marketing, artistry, evp review, historical research, etc…) .
      • The solid understanding that all MGH team members are non-investigator support staff/team specialists first & foremost – and that support staff/team specialist duties and responsibilities are of primary importance and are the priority.
  • An ability and desire to participate in team research projects, on a regular basis.
The Maine Ghost Hunters “team member” experience is all encompassing.   It is not a hobby, nor is it a “club” anyone is able to join simply because they have interest and a little time on their hands every now and again.   It is taxing on our time, money, and resources and every active member of our team is excited to be a part of it.  “New member” applicants should already share this passion for our team mentality and expect a fully involved – time consuming, challenging, and task oriented – team member experience before considering whether or not they will “fit” into our group dynamic.



Much of the experience listed above can be obtained with regular participation within our Maine Ghost Hunters Meetup Group.  We encourage anyone interested in eventually becoming a member of MGH to join our Maine Ghost Hunters Meetup Group.