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Production Team

August 29, 2012 in Production Team

MGH-Tony – Host of Maine Ghost Hunters Presents: ZeroLux Radio

Tony is a Maine Ghost Hunters Co-Founder. His primary roles within the organization include; Lead Investigator, Case Manager, Technology Lead, Website Design, Communications Lead, Radio Show Production, Media Team Anchor, and others. View project
Member Name: TonyL 
Location: Bowdoinham, ME 
Preferred Coding Languages: C#, C++ 
August 29, 2012 in Production Team

MGH-Kat – Radio Show Support

Kat is a Maine Ghost Hunters Co-Founder and Lead Investigator. Her primary roles include; Case Management, Data Collection and Evidence Review, Website Content Management, MeetUp Group and Community Outreach Organizer, Photography, Videography, Media Team Production, Social Networking, and much more. View project
Member Name: KatM 
Location: Bowdoinham, ME 
Years of Paranormal Study: 25+ 
Co-Founded Maine Ghost Hunters: 2008 
August 29, 2012 in Production Team

MGH-Erika - "Cultural Parallels Through Time"

Erika brings into view what time has attempted to erase from our consciousness. How cool is that? View project
Member Name: Erika 
Location: Pennacook, NH 
Joined MGH: 2011