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Sunday October 14, 2012 - Worldwide "Mystery Sounds"

Sunday Night – October 14, 2012 – Worldwide “Mystery Sounds”

If you believe videos on YouTube are truthful and accurate, you’re likely wondering about the validity of the worldwide phenomena that’s become known as “mystery sounds”.  YouTube has quite a selection of videos involving sounds that come from, essentially, nowhere.  Compared to the sounds of “trumpets”, presumably from the Angels of the Heavens, these sounds are likened to those prophesied by Mayans, Christians (bible), and other religious organizations – which are supposedly beckoning a warning that the end of the earth is near.



[blogtalkradio http://www.blogtalkradio.com/maineghosthunters/2012/10/15/mgh-presents-zerolux-radio--mystery-sounds-haarp-project]



ZeroLux Radio Show – Sunday Night Format

8:00 Host – Tony – introduces tonight’s show topics and guest(s)
8:05 MGH-Erika presents 2 videos on her highlighted topic of the week
8:15 MGH-John presents his highlighted interest in this week’s “Tech Corner” with 2 videos
8:30 Host – Tony – showcases tonight’s topic – “Mystery Sounds” & The HAARP Project

listeners are encouraged to call-in after 8:30 to interact with guest(s) and host

9:30 MGH-Teresa presents us with 2 “interesting” paranormal videos of the week
9:59 Host – Tony – brings the show to a close





MGH-Erika’s Video Picks of the week  – Vampire Lore in New England




MGH-John’s Video Picks of the week – Mystery Sounds and the MGH Investigation Mystery Sound caught on film

An MGH Mystery Sound captured during an MGH investigation


Mystery Sound MGH Compared our captured Mystery Sound to





MGH-Kat’s Video Picks of the week -  Mystery Sounds

Mystery Sounds Around the World

Near Alexandria, Minnesota

Mystery Sounds in Moscow, Russia


Mystery Sounds in Russia, Europe, Central America, USA, and Canada



Mystery Sound in Hawaii (True? or Hoaxed?)



Mystery Sounds in Costa Rica, Chile, Czech Republic, Canada, Louisiana, New Mexico, Sweden – all in 2012




MGH-Kat’s Video Pick of the week  -  HAARP

How HAARP Works


HAARP – Persian Gulf Eye Witness (no sound of event)


HAARP Exposed



Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theories – Haiti Earthquake – HAARP – Truth Exposed

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4




MGH-Teresa’s Paranormal Video Picks of the week -  The HAARP Program






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