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Sunday May 11, 2014 - Tarot Reader - Bishop

Sunday May 11, 2014 – ZeroLux Paranormal

Tonight we’re joined by Tarot Reader, Bishop, from Merkaba Sol in Augusta, Maine.  Bishop will tell us about his processes, what draws him to read the Tarot, and maybe even a little about his favorite decks and artists.

ZeroLux Paranormal is a weekly, Maine Based, Paranormal Reality Television show and we’re well on our way to filming our 4th season! Our popular web series has its own website at and can also be viewed on YouTube at .

Join us at 7:00 pm to learn what we have to say about our past experiences, present focus points, and our future goals.





MGH-Kat’s Video Pick of the week
ZLP – Season 3 – Episode 04 – Topsham Roller World – Part 1 (30 mins)


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