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Sunday Feb. 23, 2014 - The Legacy of Homeland Farm part 2 - Mother

Sunday Night – Feb 16, 2014 – The Legacy of Homeland Farm part 2 – Mother

Homeland Farm has been owned by 1 single family for the entirety of its 200+ year existence, save 1 single year in the 1960′s when the family moved away – but it called them back – or was is their kin who beckoned them to return?

Behind the walls of Homeland Farm there have been generations of birth,  life, and death – by design… after all, Homeland Farm is “home” and everyone who is a part of this family and this farm embrace the full circle of life – its triumphs and its challenges, equally.

With generations of family members leaving their mark on Homeland Farm it would be quite natural to consider some may have remained behind; To watch the farm?  To keep an eye on kinfolk?  It’s hard to know why they’ve remained, but with numerous full-body apparition sightings in all areas of the farm, odd happenings, disembodied vocals, strange mists, bright lights, and shadows, the one that is very clear – the spirits are quite happy to remain “home” at Homeland Farm.

In Part 2 of this series we meet Carmen, the current owner of Homeland Farm.  Carmen has raised her family here over the years, and has had so many paranormal encounters its actually considered somewhat “normal” for their household.  Listen with us as Carmen tells us what it’s like to have her kids tell her they’ve witnessed full-body apparitions, heard disembodied vocals, or witness sights not easily explainable.

For the remainder of the series we will progress to Carmen’s young-adult son, Cameron, to get his perspective on what it’s like to live in a “haunted” house with a family that’s very open to the experiences past loved ones have offered over the years.








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