November 11, 2012 in Past Guests & Radio Show Blog

Sunday November 11, 2012 - Shadow People & Bigfoot!

Sunday Night – Sunday November 11, 2012 – Spotlight Topic

Tonight we learn about the makings of the EM Pump and how it can affect a paranormal investigation.  Coincidentally, we’ll also be talking about “shadow people” and the mythology surrounding their existence.  And finally, we’ll be hearing all about these fascinating bigfoot videos – one of which shows us a possible bigfoot baby!






ZeroLux Radio Show – Sunday Night Format

8:00 Host – Tony – introduces tonight’s “Spotlight Topic”(s)
8:05 Members of MGH join Tony for casual discussion of MGH involvements
8:15 MGH-John presents his highlighted interest in this week’s “Tech Corner”
8:30 Host – Tony – showcases tonight’s “Spotlight Topic” -

listeners are encouraged to call-in after 8:30 to interact with guest(s) and host

9:30 MGH-Teresa presents us with 2 “interesting” paranormal videos of the week
9:59 Host – Tony – brings the show to a close





MGH-Erika’s Video Pick of the week
Shadow People



MGH-John’s Video Pick of the week
How to build an EM Pump




MGH-Teresa’s Paranormal Video Picks of the week #1
Backyard Bigfoot caught on camera in Kentucky




MGH-Teresa’s Paranormal Video Picks of the week #2
Baby Bigfoot in craw of tree



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