September 5, 2012 - Fraud in Paranormal - John Brightman of NEPR

Wed Night – Fraud in Paranormal – John Brightman of New England Paranormal Research


With nearly a decade of paranormal investigation experience under his belt, John Brightman leads the New England Paranormal Research organization.

In this “Fraud in Paranormal” episode, John speaks with Maine Ghost Hunters about his knowledge of, and personal experience with, the Rose Island Lighthouse in Rhode Island, and how much things have changed since the location was visited, and investigated by, a New England based organization.  If you’ve been to the Rose Island Lighthouse for a paranormal investigation before, and have noticed things have changed since your last visit, you can learn why by listening to this episode.  John highlights the exact reasons why we should all be on our best behavior while conducting business at client locations.  Exhibiting a high level of respect for your own organization is one thing, but if teams don’t have that aspect of “positive behavior” on their mind(s) they should at least have the consideration of the location, itself, the staff/owners they deal with, and if the location is public, any peer groups which may wish to investigate in the future.  John’s interview highlights the very philosophy behind “everything we, as paranormal investigators, do impacts everyone else involved in the field of paranormal”.

Maine Ghost Hunters doesn’t think teams like the one who left a legacy of distrust for the rest of us to follow in the footsteps of,  at the Rose Island Lighthouse, should be representative factors in the field of paranormal.  Yet, by their mere presence in paranormal, they are.  And for this, we all pay the price.




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