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September 16, 2012 - Psychic - Reese Christian

Sunday Night – Reese Christian – Psychic

An excerpt about Reese from her website:

Reese Christian is a very gifted, world renowned psychic medium located in Atlanta, GA, where she was born and raised a true Southern lady. She’s also a published author, ordained minister (nondenominational Christian), psychic detective, spiritual advisor, and public figure who has been featured in all forms of media including: radio, television, mass internet, and even on the big screen in theaters across the nation. Reese has also had a very successful career as an actress, dancer, singer and model. To learn more about the entertainment aspect of Reese, please read the bottom portion of this page. And, please know that Reese is extremely ethical and her gifts are uniquely genuine. She would never “act” as a psychic, as her God given gift is her calling as thousands can attest to that.

Reese discovered her amazing psychic and mediumistic abilities while still a very young child. She would have been classified as an Indigo or Crystal Child in today’s terms. She’s heir to the gifts of several generations of psychic women, and she is currently the youngest member of The Phenomena of the Power of 3™ psychic group that also consists of her older sister and mother. Reese is an excellent stand alone psychic medium who also works extremely well alongside other intuitives.

Reese’s style of reading is very down to Earth, and she will make you feel like  she is a close and personal friend from the moment you meet her. She considers herself a “left brained psychic” because she is always looking for the scientific explanation as to what and where the origins of her gifts actually come from – of course they are a gift from the almighty God, but even God has a reason for everything and everyone created.

Reese has met and been acknowledged by the profound psychic, Sylvia Browne – which was a humbling experience for her. Reese is a member of several paranormal research societies as well as the Cold Case Investigative Research Institute (CCIRI – where she’s been featured on CNN and The Today Show) in Atlanta, GA. CCIRI is a volunteer organization of law enforcement personnel who focus on high profile cold cases such as: Chandra Levy, Amber Hagerman, and Natalie Holloway to name a few.

Reese often works alongside such celebrities as; Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson of the Ghost Hunters, Patrick Burns of many of his own paranormal shows, the kids of Paranormal State, Psychic Kids, and many more. (See Celebrity Colleagues above)

Reese’s clients vary from the average student to mega celebrities, politicians, and law enforcement. She’s available for private one-on-one readings, haunted location (or item) cleansings and blessings, cold case or missing person assistance, and for appearances at small to large events, parties, etc, as private entertainment. She also teaches, mentors, and tutors others on how to tap into their own abilities – and so much more. Reese has worked alongside parapsychologists and paranormal investigators on many occasions investigating the world’s most haunted locations.

Reese’s abilities are generally classified as clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient, and medical intuitive. Clairaudience means that she can hear the spirits who are communicating with her. They may speak to her in words, or they may use other meaningful sounds to convey their messages.  These all come through in the essence of sound. While clairvoyance means that she can see in her mind’s eye the spirits’ images that they present. She may see the actual spirit of the one who is communicating with her, or they may show her other meaningful objects, places, or people who are all pertinent to their messages. Then, there are the times when she just “knows” things about the spirits or their loved ones, and this is referred to as clairsentience. More specifically, she may know a date or a place as if it were important to her, but it turns out to be part of the message for the person whom she’s reading. And finally, she’s reluctantly a medical intuitive. She says reluctantly because she has worked in the medical field in the past, and she is in NO WAY a doctor, nor does she ever try to diagnose any illness or disease. She also receives medical information differently than a traditional medical intuitive because she does not use energies to see illness or inflammation as they do. She gets her information form the spirits, and this was actually quite unexpected. She finds that most often they give information regarding their own illnesses, including the manner in which they passed, then they tend to give information regarding illness and disease of the person she’s reading, or for people who are prominent in their inner circle.





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MGH-Erika’s Video Pick of the week
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MGH-John’s Video Pick of the week




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MGH-Teresa’s Paranormal Video Picks of the week #2

Strange noises in the woods … is it Bigfoot?  You decide.


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