September 12, 2012 - Cory and Bill of Nexus Paranormal

Wednesday Night – Fraud in Paranormal – Cory and Bill of Nexus Paranormal

Tonight we’re joined by Cory Stolberg and Bill Hoeks of Nexus Paranormal, during which they describe a concerning situation involving an organization leader with ulterior motives.  Listen to this show as Bill and Cory tell us about the members of an organization who saw a wrong, stepped up, and made it right – by kicking the founder of their organization out of the group he created.

A surprising, and all too rare expression of social responsibility among fellow peers within this community of paranormal we all share a role.  Who would have thought doing “the right thing” would make such a lasting impact among us?

Thank You to Bill and Cory for speaking out about their experiences with an organization leader who possessed a set of values not appropriate for this voluntary community of paranormal.  And we send an additional “thank you” for highlighting the ultra respectable actions of the team members they left behind when they moved on to form Nexus Paranormal -  “Class Act”s on both fronts.

We invite you to check out Nexus Paranormal on the web and on The Nexus Paranormal Facebook Page.




ZeroLux Radio Show – Wednesday Night Format

8:00 Host – Tony – introduces tonight’s show topics and guest(s)
8:05 Members of MGH join Tony for casual discussion of MGH involvements

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8:30 Host – Tony – showcases tonight’s guest – Cory and Bill of NEXUS Paranormal
9:30 Members of MGH discuss local and/or recent happenings/news in paranormal
9:59 Host – Tony – brings the show to a close





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