October 2, 2012 in ParaFraud

October 3, 2012 - Fraud in Paranormal - Shawn Thomas

On this episode of Maine Ghost Hunters Presents: Fraud in Paranormal – we invite Shawn Thomas, founder of the  Massachusetts Paranormal Research Society, to chat with us about his experiences with fraud within the field of paranormal.  His team had only been around for, about a year, and he had already had 2 concerning experiences with paranormal investigators most reputable organizations would consider major concerns within the field of paranormal – particularly considering how much time any given team may spend in private client locations.

MGH Team Lead, Tony, clarified our intentions quite directly during this episode:

“… we want to make it very clear, through this series, that we are here to build public awareness of what could be going on out there, and what is going on out there in the paranormal community, and, so people can just have that foresight, and the knowledge that they need so they can make a good decision as to, not only what teams to allow into their homes and businesses to perform investigations, but also, people who are interested in getting involved in the paranormal community as investigators, what teams are credible teams, and how to understand whether they’re credible or not. And learn more about those teams before you get involved with them.”


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