October 20, 2011 - Paranormal Fraud Series - Special Guest - Laura Cartwright

The subject is “Fraud in Paranormal” and it simply isn’t addressed in the sobering light many in the community of paranormal could benefit.  MGH draws a clear line between the “drama” in Paranormal, and the very real threats facing us all, by predators in the field.  It’s a harsh reality, but these concerning experiences peer groups from across the country have been subjected to are as real as the predators who victimized them.

Having had significantly concerning experiences with an individual who is still active within the field of paranormal, in the New England region, MGH presents a series which delves into the matter  of “Fraud in Paranormal” on a serious and educational level, with the hopes of reaching audiences far and wide.  The problem isn’t just on someone else’s team, or in someone else’s network of peers and friends within paranormal communities.  As was discovered by Maine Ghost Hunters, it could very well be within your circle of “trusted” peers – especially if you’re in New England.

Venture into the true dark side of the unregulated free-for-all that is “paranormal”.  Where convicted criminals with *extensive* criminal histories can reinvent themselves in new cities/states, with new and various aliases, and with a brand new group of unsuspecting “paranormal” peers, without fear of prejudice, persecution, or being discovered – because there is no recourse either way.  Learn about victims who weren’t the first, and won’t be the last, as their stories of predation by lifelong criminals are told and examined.

Maine Ghost Hunters breaks through the Fear Cage of accusations, sometimes called  “drama within paranormal”, and digs into the core of what really matters:  Communicating the issue – Fraud in Paranormal is real, it’s serious, and it needs to be addressed.

Tonight’s Special Guest is Laura Cartwright of Paranormal Association of Central Connecticut, and her experience with background checks, and the value implementing criminal history searches has brought to the organization she is a part of is both enlightening and educational.



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