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November 7, 2012 - Fraud in Paranormal - Special Guest - Jenny Stewart

In this episode of our paranormal fraud series we present special guest and seasoned Radio Show Hostess, Jenny Stewart of the Paranormal Research and Resource Society.  Jen has extensive experience with online social networking, radio show programming, paranormal investigations, and has mingled with some of paranormal reality’s best and brightest.  She makes her appearance during this show to share her personal knowledge and experience with the Founder of a New England based paranormal investigation organization;  a team run by an individual with an extensive criminal history and who currently (as of the initial recording of this show) has an active warrant for her arrest in the state of Ohio.

Jenny will reiterate what’s been said multiple times in our past Paranormal Fraud episodes – that the Founder of New England GHOST creates, and uses, multiple fake identities online on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and has also been known to create multiple e-mail addresses to represent herself as multiple personalities including, and most importantly, personalities which reside outside of the US – most specifically, in the UK.

Through Jen’s experiences we’ll learn how the Founder of New England GHOST uses fake online identities to bully, harass, and threaten unsuspecting people who are representing themselves openly and honestly in online communities, and how – when her victims react to her instigation, she immediately attempts to attract a following of sympathizers and supporters into believing she is the one being bullied, harassed, and threatened.

If nothing else, this show should be an enlightening experience for our listeners.

We’ll also be discussing the benefits of anonymity to a person who conducts himself/herself with these types of tactics.  By doing so, we hope to educate the masses on how to avoid becoming this person’s next victim, or the victim of any other such social deviant.

Check out these transcribed excerpts from this podcast interview with Jenny Stewart:
each segment is timestamped according to where they are found within the podcast


JenS:  the picture that he – that they had on this, Douglass page that was her supposed father, you would look at it and you could tell that it was one of those that you could go, like, out on google images and find

Tony:  yup, yeah

JenS:   you know, you could just look at it and tell that it, there’s just – y’know, he’s supposed was this really wealthy man.  Well, if you’re that wealthy, y’know, even that wealthy, y’know, even – even that wealthy, I mean it just, there was no pictures.  It was just that one picture.  And I think, at one point [bleep] had put on his page, um, basically talking to herself, that, y’know – you need to get a more updated picture because, y’know, that one, y’know, you’re so young in it and you don’t look like that anymore and I’m thinking [pause] y’know, she [pause] she was [pause] she looked so stupid when she did that.  I hate to say that, because [pause] she was having a conversation with herself.  Because right underneath of it, y’know, she would sign into his account and type things underneath of it to respond back to her.

Tony: Right.  Yeah.  So.

JenS: That takes a lot of energy and time

Tony: It certainly does.  And – And we just want to, y’know, just to be clear, we’re talking about – tonight’s show is really about, y’know, the fake identities she created and how she manipulated those conversations and pretended to be somebody she wasn’t.

JenS:  m-hm

Tony:   And it wasn’t just that one identity. There were other identities she used that she pretended where she was somebody else.



JenS:  And, he didn’t have a lot of friends.  I think there – I th- And she even made up some family names.  I don’t know if you ever caught that, she made up actual pages with other family names that was supposed to be like, his nephew, and those are pages she created.

Tony: Right.  Yup.  Absolutely.



JenS: And I remember, I think she thought she knew we were all getting a little suspicious and that’s when she added the nephew one.  The one with the same last name that kind of gave us the impression that, oh, well you know, it has to be legit because there’s other family members attached to the page.

Tony:  Right, and other conversations y- I mean, he was having conversations with other people as well as this other additional family member. Yeah.

JenS:  Yeah, well, yeah, he actually did, yeah.

Tony:  Yeah, he did.  So, and, and oddly enough those conversations were going on at times when, if you were actually in the UK you really should have been asleep.

JenS:  I agree, because I even made a comment when he was in the chatroom of that radio show which – it gets confusing because it was really [NEG founder's name] acting as him, but, um.  I even made a comment, I said aren’t you up very late for where you’re at?  And the comment was made, oh, I, y’know I never sleep.  I’m up all hours of the night and day.

Tony:  m-hm



JenS:  I remember seeing at one point, on her page she supposedly went to visit him and they were out sailing.  And you saw all these pictures that she put up?  That you can actually find those pictures in google now (laugh)

Tony:  Oh really?  (laugh)

JenS: Yah, I don’t know if you- I don’t know if I ever told y’all that or not.

Tony: No, you didn’t.

JenS:  Yah, those are flickr and google pictures.

Tony: hah, that’s interesting.  We kind of suspected as much.  And, And, And, since you mentioned that.  What was the oddest things about all those photos about her and her family’s vacation?

JenS:  None of them were in them.  None of ‘em.

Tony: Right.  None of them.

JenS: There was no father.  There was no [NEG founder's name].  There was no [NEG founder's name] y’know, family, y’know, immediate – there – none of ‘em.  There were just all of the scenery.



JenS:  Y’know and I kept – I kept telling her – I even told her, towards the- y’know, I said look [NEG founder's name], we all make mistakes. Y’know, if you did that, if that- y’know- you just tell me.  Y’know, I’d rather you tell me and own up to things than, y’know, continue to, y’know, continue to make us all look like idiots.  And, even on the phone, even when she was called out on it she continued to-

Tony:  Oh, yah.

JenS:  to maintain that that was her dad, and, y’know, she didn’t lie and y’know, um, if I wanted the documentary produced I could get that done.  He had no problem and, I’m just – I remember, it was like that was her pull.  It’s like she found something she could use to leverage her way into people’s lives by-

Tony:  Yeah

JenS: … y’know, produ-  I mean, mo- and I hate – and I hate to say this, but there’s a lot of teams that have popped up around the country.  We all know this.  Their main goal is to be on television.  Y’know, that-

Tony:  Right

JenS: That’s the hype for them.  So what better way to get inside those teams and befriend all those, by saying oh my dad’s a producer.  He works for a production company.

Tony:  Yup. Exactly.

JenS: I mean, she’s not all there in the head, but she’s not all stupid, either.

Tony: No, she knows how to manipulate people.  That’s what she knows how to do.

JenS: m-hm.  She’s very good at that.

Tony:  Yeah, very good at that.  It’s- and she’s very charismatic. I mean she’s very-

JenS: yup

Tony: It’s very easy for her to convince somebody, in person, that she is telling the truth-

JenS: m-hm

Tony:  and somebody else is lying.

JenS:  Well, she thinks 20 steps ahead.  Y’know, normal people that- that are honest, that don’t manipulate people, they- they can’t comprehend what she’s doing because she’s always 20 steps ahead of the normal person.  Because she has- has that entire pattern laid out before she even strikes to use it.




JenS: So, she believed it, so either she – psychologically she does believe it or, y’know, she just wouldn’t tell the truth.

Tony: Right

JenS: about it

Tony: So she called you up on the phone

JenS: m-hm

Tony: and she was dramatically crying, she – she was the one that was victimized.  She was all upset because nobody believed her.  And this was her real father, and – and we were the awful people lying about her and – and she was – and she made you feel that that was real.

JenS: Oh Yeah.  Oh. Exactly.  And, um, she’s very convincing, I mean, because she would – she would cry so hard that, y’know, you would – you would hear her almost hyperventilate. And I’d be, like, just calm down.  And she would play on every heartstring that she knew.  Y’know, she knew that – the things to, y’know, push, with me to get me to back off.  Um, and I don’t like making people upset because I don’t- it really bothers me. And she knew that.




JenS: … and she would just start crying. Y’know “I don’t know why he did that” y’know “that’s my dad” y’know, “ask him” and I’m, like, give me a phone number and I will.

Tony: yeah

JenS: Y’know, or have your dad call me. I mean, Never.  He was always – it was conv-  he was conveniently out of the country.  Anytime that you asked to speak to him.  Or you asked for a phone number.  And I finally told her, I said y’know, they have phones out of the country.  I mean, just because he’s in a different country.  Y’know.  They have phones.

Tony: yeah

JenS: And I think at one point she even said that he was doing missionary work.  I don’t know if you guys ever heard of that story.  Did you ever hear the story of the missionary work?

Tony: No

JenS: Yeah

Tony: I don’t believe we’ve heard that story.




Tony: Um. So she said that he was out doing missionary work in a 3rd world country.

JenS:  Yes.  That’s why he couldn’t call me.

Tony: And she didn’t say which country.

JenS:  No, just a 3rd world country.  And that’s why he couldn’t call me.

Tony: Alright. Ok.

JenS:  I said, how convenient.  M-hm.

Tony:  Yup.  But he was able to e-mail you.

JenS: Do what?

Tony: He was able to e-mail you, right? You exchanged a few e-mails with him.

JenS: Yea- I did. Not when he was supposed-in the 3rd world country.  Um, during all of the whole fallout and everybody, y’know, questioning her I actually did get an e-mail and um, it was from a company that we – it was from a dot com company, and I need to really find all that.  Um, it was from a dot- a dot com company that my husband actually traced back to the ownership of it and the dot com had just been bought, like, not even 3 or 4 days before the e-mail was sent.

Tony: hm

JenS:  yeah.  So, I mean, she created the dot com to send the e-mail.

Tony: right.  Yeah, she’s very good at that.  She- she’s very good at creating dot coms and fake corporations all over the place.

JenS:  Yes. Yes.  That was a corporation dot com.  And I’ll try to find that, and when I do I’ll make sure you guys get a copy of it, but it was a – I mean, it had a letterhead on it. Y’know, it was an e-mail.  With a letterhead.  Y’know, and I’m thinking, this is so – you could tell by looking at the e-mail it was fake.

Tony: Right

JenS:  Y’know,  I – I played along with it to see if she would go as far as to possibly have him, y’know, contact me. Could never find out what production company he worked for, or was affiliated with, at all.

Tony: You said that you didn’t know- sa- can you repeat that, I’m sorry.

JenS:  I didn’t hear you

Tony:  No, I- that’s – I, I couldn’t hear you either, I was asking if you could repeat that last part?

JenS:  Oh, um, yeah, I tr- I would – I would repeatedly ask what production company he was affiliated with.  And I would, y’know, never get a response with y’know, well we can’t disclose that information. blah blah blah.  And that kinda threw me off.




JenS:  I just shake my head as I look back on it and think of how she manipulated everybody so easily.

Tony:  Yeah.

JenS:  She’s good at it.

Tony: She’s very good at it.

JenS:  Yeah. The more I find out the more I feel like an idiot.  I really do because she- Y’know, I try to, y’know, think of myself of a little bit of intelligence there, y’know, and she was good.  And she’s so – and you can’t break those kind of traits.  Y’know, you can’t one day get up and decide that you’re not gonna manipulate people.   Y’know?

Tony: No

JenS:  Y’know, she has to still be doing that, kinda stuff.

Tony: Oh, you would think so, wouldn’t you.

JenS:  Yeah, well, looking at her website, I would say she is.

Tony: Yeah, and y’know, she- she says these things and does these things, and they sound, y’know, they sound so crazy that if you repeat them to somebody else, or you try to tell somebody about these crazy things that she’s doing or saying, that you actually sound crazy.  Which is what you thought, right?

JenS:  Yeah, that’s the scary part of it, because a normal person can’t think that way.  Y’know, you-

Tony: Right

JenS: we just don’t – we – our brain doesn’t compute things like that.  And when you start explaining this to somebody they’re gonna like- y’know, yeah, they think she-  she becomes the victim.  9 times out of 10.

Tony: Oh yah.

JenS:  And she likes being the victim.




JenS:  My eyes are open that much further.  Y’know.  I knew she was – y’know, more of a fraud than anything.  Um.  And I felt sorry for her, even knowing she was a fraud I felt sorry for her because I thought, y’know, well maybe she did have a horrible life and that was her escape.  Y’know, but, y’know, then it goes deeper.  And you just – It’s like she knows the right people to go after.

Tony: Right

JenS:  It’s like she hones in on them. She knows.  She seeks out the people that are going to believe her, the deepest.  And then, and then how dare you ever question her because she’s a victim. And it’s just- it’s – that’s scary.




JenS:  Y’know, the whole message that paranormal teams really should have out there is that, y’know, you need to do background checks thoroughly on people.  And, y’know, even people that you think that are not – y’know, the type that would – because you would never think that she was that type, to talk to her.  You would never know.

Tony:  right




JenS: Not only does it put, y’know, homeowners at risk, but y’know, the – the steps that we’ve made in this field to be, y’know, looked upon legitimately, as an organization, I mean, she’s en-harmed all the other investigators as well.

Tony:  Yeah

JenS: Y’know, she’s one of those people that once she’s – once it gets out there in the open of what she is, y’know, it’s gonna give the entire community a bad name.

Tony:  Exactly.  Exactly.

JenS:  And people just don’t listen to it though, do they.  They – a lot of people look at it as, oh, you’re starting drama.  Why are you picking on her.  And I, y’know, I’ll be the first person to admit, I did too, at first.  Y’know, until I started seeing the psychological pattern with her as being, y’know, a non- she wasn’t, “she doesn’t seem like she’s there”.  Y’know.  She tells lies all the time – we caught her – y’know you catch her in lies and you start to realize there’s something not right.  And then, y’know, to really hear that story of the victim just sent it home for me that much more.

Tony:  Right

JenS: … of what she’s capable of doing.  And she can go to sleep at night and not worry about it.

Tony:  Right.  Yup.  Exactly.




Tony:  Now Kat – Kat seems to remember, uh, a phone call that you made to her saying that [NEG founder's name] had told you that she was going to destroy Maine Ghost Hunters.

JenS: She did say that.

Tony:  She did?

JenS: She did say that.  Yes, she did.  She did say that, y’know, that, um, that she would do – she did say that.  I do remember her – because I told her, I said, I think that you’re being, y’know, just a little overzealous there, you need to calm down.    Uhm, and I kept trying to get her to talk to you guys.  And she said, but you don’t understand, there’s no talking to them.  And that’s when she contacted, uhm, those, uhm, the 2 other people that also have Maine, uhm, that’s when she contacted them.

Tony:  Yeah

JenS: cuz it wasn’t long after that, that, yeah, that I was getting, uh, a phone call from them.

Tony: yeah

JenS: and

Tony: Yeah

JenS: And they said that she was crazy. m-hm.




Tony:  It’s funny that you say that, and it’s good to hear that they contacted you.  It’s good to know that they actually finally realized the truth about her.  Because as soon as we cut ties with her -  she used to say a lot of negative things about them.  She used to say, y’know, they know I’m a psychic and they wanted me to help train them and make them better psychics.  And, and they kept harassing me and they kept bothering me, and they kept calling me.  And, now all these things, and -

JenS: [NEG founder's name] said that?

Tony:  [NEG founder's name] said that about them, yah.

JenS:  Oh my gosh

Tony:  When she was – when she became a member, yeah.  So uhm, I actually sent them a letter.  I sent them an e-mail and said hey, y’know, I see you guys have made friends with this person, and y’know, I think you should probably give me a call, because, y’know, this is not the person you really want – y’know, I know we’ve had our differences – I wrote them an e-mail out of concern, for them, saying “you really need to know something about this person before you get mixed up with them.  Because you are going to get in trouble – I actually called them, and left them a voice mail.  And, and at first, [NEG founder's name] did the same thing with them that she did with you and did with everybody else.  And they actually posted a blog post about how awful we were for putting this information out there.  And how terrible we were and how we were harassing [NEG founder's name] and we were stalking [NEG founder's name] and all this crap.  And all the negative things that -  All the negative things that [NEG founder's name] had said about them, she had told them that we had been saying those things.  So it’s good to know that in the end they finally got the picture.  And understood what she really was.

JenS:  Yeah.  They did, because I – we had some, uh, we had a very lengthy conversation about her, and, because we compared notes, finally, y’know.  Well this is what she told me about you all – she was like [gasp] – well this is what she’s telling me about them, and – and, uhm, y’know and I – and like I told them – and ea- and we put our differences, even, y’know, whether we had differences with you or – we put them aside and we really logically looked at it, and I told her, I said you’ve gotta stop and look at it from all angles.  And they said, well, y’know, she’s crazy.  Because some of the stuff she was telling them, and e-mailing them it was just so far out there, and I can’t remember – I don’t even remember what all it was, but I remember [bleep- a different person] called me and was like, you’ve got to, y’know, be very careful with her.  She’s crazy. The- she- she’s not right upstairs.

Tony:  Yeah, no that’s good.  I’m glad to hear that.

JenS:  Yah, no they got really – they got really – and it didn’t take us a – it didn’t take – it did not take very long, it really didn’t.  From the time that, y’know, the whole fictitious father picture came out and we all, y’know, kinda caught on to that, to when you guys posted everything, to, I think it was probably no more than maybe a week, to a week and a half afterwards. That everybody was kinda like going, mm, yeah.  No, there’s something not right here.




Tony:  In – in our opinion, and in our observation, what she does, is she takes what she does, all the negativity that she spreads, and she puts that out as if other people are doing that to her.

JenS: Exactly.  That’s – that’s exactly what she does.  She twists it, she’ll take any situation and twist it to where it suits her and makes her look like she’s being victimized.  Y’know, that’s exactly what she does.




Tony:  So, uhm, again, we just wanna – we – y’know we haven’t said – I haven’t said this in this show yet, but we say it in every other show.  It’s not just the fact that she committed some crimes a long time ago and learned her lesson.  Because that’s not the case here.  She committed crimes and she exhibits the same behaviors that she exhibited back then, of fraud, and lying, and pretending to be people she’s not, so, I – Jen, if you would, I would like you to kind of, uhm, y’know, just reiterate, y’know, the fake identities – the many fake personas that, uh, [NEG founder's name] portrays and puts out there.  The fake ID- y’know just the fakeness of everything that she does, that she defrauds people with.

JenS:  Well, something that, if you’re a paranormal investigator or just a person listening to this, you need to really think about one of the things we strive for is credibility.  Uhm, in the field, that’s pretty much all you have is your credibility.  How can you have credibility if you are creating numerous, not 1, not 2, but numerous fake, uhm, profiles, and interacting with them as if they’re somebody else.  And creating and conjuring up all these fantasies, uh, stories, and then when you’re caught, all of a sudden you turn it around on everybody else – as people are attacking you.  So, uhm, that’s something that people should really think about.  Y’know, all of the, the pages that she has created, in itself, I mean, that was just as recent as last year.  So, she hasn’t learned her lesson.  It has nothing to do with that.  She’s no different today than she was, y’know, 10, 11 years ago.  Except, she may be a little more cautious about how she does her, y’know, her business, so to speak.

Tony: Yeah, so she’s, she’s crafty to the point where she doesn’t learn, she just learns to be better at what she’s doing.

JenS: Exactly

Tony:  Yeah

JenS:  That’s exactly right




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