November 28, 2011 - Fraud in Paranormal -CJ Moschetto - ENEMI

We’re proud to introduce our audience to a fellow New England based Paranormal Investigation Team Leader, based out of Massachusetts.  A guy who’s been to the dark side and back. A guy who takes life day by day, who’s as honest with himself about his past life experience as he is with the world.  A guy we’re proud to call a Friend of Maine Ghost Hunters.  His name is CJ Moschetto and he runs E.N.E.M.I – Eastern New England Metaphysical Investigations.

CJ was kind enough to speak openly and candidly about what it’s like to be a paranormal investigator with a criminal history.  He speaks about the challenges of getting involved in paranormal in a way that is respectful to the field, and peers within the community of paranormal.  And he speaks very honestly about trying to establish himself within the community of paranormal in a responsible and compassionate way – expressing the wisdom to understand that not everyone will be accepting of his role as quickly as he would like, but that’s a process he’s willing to work through at the terms set forth by his peers, because paranormal demands that type of respect and protection from all of us.

CJ is an inspiration and we’re so incredibly blessed he offered us this opportunity to interview him.

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