November 21, 2011 - Fraud in Paranormal - View From The Inside




In this installment of our “Fraud in Paranormal” series we interview Bob Norton, an individual who presents our audience with a rare introspective into the lifestyle of an woman he has significant personal and intimate experience with;  a woman who has lived  much of their adult life-experience under the umbrella of an extensive criminal history which began as early as the 1990′s.

From such crimes as theft, fraud,  and domestic violence, this show is designed to bring you into the disaster that are the seemingly anti-social behaviors of a woman who, within a 9 month time period, went from “inexperienced investigator” to Founder and Director of a NEW ENGLAND based Paranormal Investigation Organization which boasts “branches” in the U.S. and abroad, and a self-proclaimed title of “14th generation psychic” with “10 years of paranormal investigation experience”.



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