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MGH Presents: Fraud in Paranormal - "Smoke and Mirrors" Video Podcast

Smoke and Mirrors

This NEW ENGLAND based ghost hunting organization is committing fraud on the entire community of paranormal and every client they come in contact with by promoting members that do not exist.

5 Fake Member Profiles listed on this team’s member-list to convince you this organization is bigger than it is, and has the “experts” (demonology, video editing, photography, graphic arts, audio expertise, etc…) it claims to have.

  • The people in these highlighted photos are not, nor have they ever been, members of this ghost hunting organization.

How many others on this organization’s members list are fake?


A few questions to ask yourself while watching this video:

1.  Why are there no photos of many of these listed teams/members working in the field of paranormal with each other within their respectively listed “base teams”, and why are there no photos of these members promoting the overall organization.  Every member highlighted has been a member since the organization was started.

There are plenty of photos of “real” members proudly promoting their involvement in this ghost hunting organization with photos, team t-shirts, logos, etc… but then there are these “other” (“fake”) teams and members that have absolutely no photos whatsoever.  No home-base team photos, no investigation photos, no photos with fellow team members, no photos promoting their involvement with this organization at all.

2.  Why it is these vaguely mentioned teams have absolutely no direct phone contact information.  Just about every reputable and respectable team in the country has a dependable working phone number for clients to call for assistance.  Yet this organization has many members/teams without direct phone contact information.

3.  Why is it that these vaguely mentioned teams, and individuals of these vaguely mentioned teams listed, have absolutely no internet presence whatsoever?  Just about every reputable and respectable team in the country has a dependable internet presence, most via an actual team website which shows all the team members together – in a photo – and their evidence, contact info, team info, etc…  Yet this organization has many members without team websites.

4.  If these teams and individuals aren’t on the internet then how did they find out about joining this organization?  This organization went from Zero members, to membership numbers which “reportedly” exceeded 100+ members within 1 year, yet a good percentage of these members and teams have absolutely no internet presence whatsoever.

5.  No telephone contact information and no internet presence whatsoever…. The only way to contact any of these (fake) members is through the main organization’s website.

Odd?  Yes, we think so, too.


Now ask yourself this question:
Are you one of the many who’ve been conned and scammed by the founder of this organization?  Don’t feel bad, it was by design, and there are many more just like you.  But now you know, so spread the word.  Because this person, and the people helping this person, need to be stopped before someone finds themselves seriously victimized.


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'Smoke & Mirrors'



A final message from KatM,

This information has been in the hands of some of the most reputable paranormal podcasters and team leaders/founders in New England, and in states outside of New England, for months now.

Unfortunately, the fraud this organization commits on a daily basis is deeper and more extensive than this video exhibits.  If safety is a concern for you and your team, this topic is a concern for you and your team.


After experiencing this information please research the facts, independently, yourself.  If you are skeptic of the truthfulness of what is in this video, challenge yourself to disprove these presented pieces of information – the fake identities – and create a logical, reasonable, and most importantly – a factual – rebuttal to the contrary.  If you can’t do that, then regardless of what you’ve been told, or what you’ve heard second hand, these facts stand as, just that, “facts”.  They are undeniable truths.

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