November 26, 2010 in Production Team

MGH-David – Spiritual Corner

David is the Spiritual Team lead for Maine Ghost Hunters, and although our team is centered on finding the logic and reason behind events considered “paranormal”, there are just some occasions logic and reason do not apply.  This is when David steps forward and our skeptic approaches become secondary.   David’s calm demeanor and flexible personality make him a prime candidate for a leadership role within the “spiritual” side of  our team’s processes.  His experience within his team specialty is extensive and spans over the course of his lifetime.   His grandmother was a gifted “psychic”, having natural abilities from early childhood, which she continued to nurture throughout her adult years. She occasionally assisted local law enforcement with the locating, and sometimes the “retrieving”, of missing persons.  Her gifts were passed on to her child who, in turn, passed them on to David.  His approach to spirituality, and seemingly life in general, is obviously and noticeably natural and fluent.   These character traits make him a strong addition to the ZeroLux Paranormal Radio Show core, as his people skills are top notch.

David stands firm in his belief that he’s a “sensitive”, not a “psychic”, the difference being somewhere along the lines of “knowing” versus “sensing”, and the “sensing” is where David truly shines.  His abilities to read, reach, and relate to people are not only hard to find, they’re simply “rare”.  David is involved with “Maine Ghost Hunters Presents: ZeroLux Radio” in the capacity of “weekly segment presenter”.  His expertise regarding spiritual topics is unparalleled, whether he’ll admit it or not, and as a result we feel privileged to have him involved with our on-air presence.

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