May 22, 2011 - Maine Author - Michelle Souliere

Our guest for this evening's show is none other than Maine's very own "paranormal" blogger and author, Michelle Souliere!  We're incredibly excited to have Michelle join us and hope we'll have some Mainers live and in the chat ready to ask engaging questions regarding local Maine folklore, legend, and paranormal topics.  Michelle is a wealth of information and a true gem among the "paranormal" Maine community. 


About Michelle's Strange Maine Blog: (excerpt from her blog)

"Founded 2005! Freaks. Weirdos. Unmapped roads. Whispering rocks. Deadening fog. Ghost pirates. Lonely islands. THINGS in the WOODS. Home of Stephen King & Glenn Chadbourne. A place where the 4 seasons really know how to live. Maine: the way life should be! This site is a nexus for conversation about Maine's unique strangeness, people who love it, people who have experienced it, & people who are intrigued by it. History, mysteries, legends, current events, cryptozoology, & more."






Format for "Maine Ghost Hunters Presents: ZeroLux Radio"


8:00 pm  – Introduction

8:05 pm – David's spiritual outlook for the week ahead

8:15 pm – Carrie's paranormal media pick of the week

8:30 pm – The introduction of the evening's guest -  Maine Author -  Michelle Souliere

8:30 pm – 9:30 pm – Carrie presents us with random and incredible, or possibly "barely credible", fun facts and trivia bits


We Invite Listeners To Call In after 8:30 To Interact With Guest and Hosts


9:45 pm  – Taphophile Corner with Windy

9:59 pm  – We wrap it up and say goodbye until next week





Kat's MGH YouTube Channel Investigation Video Pick




MGH-Carrie's Paranormal Media Pick


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