March 6, 2011 - Colonial Pemaquid Expert - Carly Masterson

Our guest for Sunday March 6, 2011 is Carly Masterson.  Carly has a deep level of interest and experience with one of Maine's premiere historical locations, Fort William Henry. Also known as Colonial Pemaquid, the site of this historical fort and museum is located in the mid-coast town of New Harbor.  Established in the early 1600's, the lands of Colonial Pemaquid have seen plenty of history.  From Indian wars to Pirate attacks, to devastating storms and shipwrecks just off the shore, this colonial-era fishing village has been witness to events that can only be experienced through history books – or, from a tour given by a docent, like Carly. 

On this episode of "Maine Ghost Hunters Presents: ZeroLux Radio" we'll be asking Carly to share her knowledge of the location, its past history, and her favorite parts of this National Treasure. And, of course, we'll be asking Carly if she's had any "personal experiences" of the paranormal kind during the many years she's been involved with Fort William Henry






Format for "Maine Ghost Hunters Presents: ZeroLux Radio"


8:00 pm  – Introduction

8:05 pm – Shara with the latest and greatest paranormal news and other topics to get us thinking

8:15 pm – Carrie's paranormal media pick of the week

8:30 pm – The introduction of the evening's guest – Carly Masterson – Fort William Henry/Colonial Pemaquid enthusiast

8:30 pm – 9:30 pm – Carrie presents us with random and incredible, or possibly "barely credible", fun facts and trivia bits


We Invite Listeners To Call In after 8:30 To Interact With Guest and Hosts


9:30 pm  – Taphophile Corner with Windy

9:45 pm  – Spiritual Passages with MGH Spiritual Team Lead, David, who will offer us some spiritual insight into the upcoming week

9:59 pm  – We wrap it up and say goodbye until next week




MGH-Shara's UFO Coverage via "Dan Aykroyd: Unplugged" Video 5 of 8



MGH-Shara's Paranormal News Video of the Week

Seven Best Ghost and Paranormal Shows:  2010 



1.   Ghost Adventures:   Zak, Nick and Aaron investigate Wolfe Manor in California. This once stately manor is often referred to as a black hole, because during its 7 decades of operation as a sanitarium and convalescent home, thousands perished, at times averaging 1 death per day.  



2.   Paranormal State:


3.    Ghost Hunters


4.   A Haunting: A Vermont family moves into a old house they plan to renovate and find that it is haunted.  Based on actual true events.


5.   Most Haunted USA:  As seen on the Travel Channel, this popular British television series brings an honest account of reported paranormal activities from some of the world's most renowned haunted locations.  Hosted by Yvette Fielding and Derek Acorah, the Most Haunted team consists of one open-minded observer, one scientist and parapsychologist, one spiritual medium and one objective film crew.


6.   Ghost Hunters Academy


7.   Fear:  DUGGAN BROS. CEMENT FACTORY -  Many strange and mysterious deaths happened in this cement factory.  Six people have been sent to a place they've never been before to determine if it is haunted.  They record their own experiences.  There is no film crew. They are alone.  The people are real. The place is real. The fear is real.







MGH-Carrie's Paranormal Media Pick


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