March 16, 2014 in Archives, ParaFraud

March 16, 2014 - Christine Colletta

In this episode of “Fraud in Paranormal” we’ll be talking with Christine Coletta, of central Maine. Christine came into contact with a group who posed themselves as Maine Ghost Hunters. This group purposely mislead Christine, on multiple occasions, to believe they were Maine Ghost Hunters, knowing full well she understood them to be Maine Ghost Hunters and they knew full well they were not.

While we’d like to say this is an unusual circumstance, the truth of the matter is, it is not. This has happened to Maine Ghost Hunters numerous times over the years, none of which could be understood to be “accidental”. We’ve had our logo stolen, copied, and changed ever-so-slightly so as to be “different” but still easily misleading to an unaware public. We’ve been impersonated by e-mail communication, phone, and in person. We’ve even had private clients of these teams who impersonate Maine Ghost Hunters tell us they were told, directly, they are the Maine Ghost Hunters. Thank goodness they continued to seek help for their paranormal issues which, through networking with the right people (honest and upstanding people with paranormal) led them to our team – the REAL Maine Ghost Hunters.

Our team was created in 2008 and has been well established in print media, visual/video media, and has had a strong internet presence since 2008. It is because of these facts, alone, we state firmly, anyone posing themselves as “Maine Ghost Hunters” is NOT doing so “accidentally”.

Christine’s account will put our experiences with this problem, into perspective. You’ll hear about this issue from a victim’s point of view, and get a broader understanding of how this affects someone after they realize what has happened. Christine’s experiences with this group were less than positive.

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