January 27, 2013 in ParaFraud

January 30, 2013 - Fraud in Paranormal - Chad Ashworth

Chad Ashworth is an unemployed graphic art(s) designer who agreed to do fee-based work for the leader of a NEW ENGLAND based paranormal investigation organization, but wouldn’t you know it?  You probably already guessed – the organization leader decided they didn’t want to pay Chad for the work he had done.  They kept the non-scalable “proof” images and displayed them proudly on their website, as their own, while promising payment for services rendered.  But weeks turned into months, and repetitive requests for payment, by Chad, were answered to with cries of poverty by the organization leader.   Being unemployed and without the means to seek legal options to recover the fees for services rendered, Chad had no choice but to walk away from the situation with a weak agreement that since he can’t force the organization to stop displaying the non-scalable images he gave them as “proofs”, he’ll surrender his request for payment so long as they give him visible credit.

Nothing like having your arm twisted into an agreement you have no choice but to accept, right?  The entire situation, as Chad so plainly stated, “left a bad taste in [my] mouth”.



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