January 27, 2013 in ParaFraud

January 29, 2013 - Fraud in Paranormal - Barry Sargent

Barry used to belong to a team who’s founder touted his relationship with the producers of SyFy’s hit paranormal reality show, Ghost Hunters, quite emphatically.   As a matter of fact, this team founder also touted, quite boldly, that he’s slated to be the official replacement for Jay and Grant, and even coached members of his organization to investigate the way the TAPS team does on television.

Barry, who’s neither psychic, nor sensitive, was “trained” as a new & incoming member of this organization in, roughly, 1 hour on a single day … by walking around a graveyard, watching this team founder talk to headstones, and being asked if he picked up anything remotely spiritual or “psychic”.  Having no previous experience, and anticipating a pertinent level of technical training (he received “none”) on such equipment as digital voice recorders and other tools of the trade, Barry was made an investigation team member, brought to investigations, and left to his own admittedly limited knowledge to procure evidence for locations and for his team – none of which was reviewed, or even requested, by the team founder(s), even after Barry asked repeatedly if they would look at it.

Considering the history, experience level, and level of professionalism the founder of this team spends much time and energy trying to convince peers in paranormal – and the public, in general – are an intricate part of this team’s make-up, Barry’s experiences would strongly suggest the reality of the situation is drastically to the contrary.  And recruiting new members under the guise that he (the team founder) is next in line to lead the TAPS team on SyFy’s “Ghost Hunters”, and may be taking his team on the road with him – is quite imaginative – some might say “delusional” -, purposely misleading to potential members, and a clear misrepresentation of himself and his team’s influence within the community of paranormal, to the point of outright fraud.

What Barry has to say about this New England based team is something we’re pretty sure you want to hear.




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