January 27, 2013 in ParaFraud

January 28, 2013 - Fraud in Paranormal - Ellen McNeil - Spirits of New England

From the archives!  Lost in the depths of “Maine Ghost Hunters Presents: Fraud in Paranormal” radio shows we thought we aired, we came upon this beauty and realized it’s brand new content for our listeners! We’re excited to introduce our guest, Ellen McNeil, founder and leader of the Massachusetts based paranormal investigation team, Spirits of New England.  Ellen takes time out of her busy schedule to share her experiences with a team member who worked overtime committing fraud with client evidence, and creating fake evidence on his own, as he tried to make his way into the sight-line of TAPS team founders and TV show cast-member investigators.  An ex-member she feared, who came close to tearing the team apart, and who has now reinvented himself as a “spiritualist” and “psychic” to a brand new group of peers within paranormal who have no idea of his history of perpetrating fraud.







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