August 15, 2012 - Fraud in Paranormal - Erik Kuceris of PSONA

Wednesday Night – Fraud in Paranormal – Erik Hunter Kuceris of PSONA

Erik Kuceris is the founder and team lead of the Massachusetts based paranormal investigation team, PSONA.   Join us as we listen to Erik retell the numerous accounts one of his clients households has experienced with a group here in New England we’ve been spreading awareness about.

Excerpt from our BlogTalkRadio page:

Discussing a team with questionable character, ethical and moral standards, and leadership which paves the way for poor behaviors and downright “bad” choices.  When private clients become victims of those who pledged to help them, the whole community of paranormal has something to worry about.

Listen as fellow New England paranormal team lead, Erik Kuceris, discusses his experiences with clients who became, yet another set of casualties in the wake of victims this paranormal investigation team has left in their rear view mirror.

MGH has been actively warning New England about this threat among us, for months now.

We’re far from being done.



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8:05 Members of MGH join Tony for casual discussion of MGH involvements

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8:30 Host – Tony – showcases tonight’s guest – Erik Kuceris of PSONA
9:30 Members of MGH discuss local and/or recent happenings/news in paranormal
9:59 Host – Tony – brings the show to a close





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