December 4, 2011 - Fraud in Paranormal - Carolyn Dougherty

This episode of our “Fraud in Paranormal” series, we welcome Carolyn Dougherty.  Carolyn is a wealth of information regarding location research & historical research of locations claimed to harbor paranormal activity, and what she has to say about some of the country’s most notoriously “haunted” locations may raise an eyebrow, or two.

Y’know “that” haunted location you’ve seen on television time and time again?  You know the one! (or two, or three or many more!)  Lots of teams have visited, the one(s) that ghost hunters and thrill seekers can’t wait to “save the date” to visit and roam around in the dark?  That tourist destination some folks can’t wait to spend time at, or maybe even rent a room at, so they can have a personal spirit encounter of their very own?  Well Carolyn has knows a thing or two the TV shows forgot to mention about “that” place, and we think you’ll want to hear what she has to say.

Carolyn Dougherty is the Director of Research and lead investigator for The Ghost Society, LLC.  She is also the assistant editor and a contributing writer for the MyPara Paranormal Magazine.  Check out her blog – it’s called “Carolyn’s Creepy Corner“.

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