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August 29, 2012 - Maine Demonologist & Autism Expert - Deb Lipsky

Wednesday Night – Local Maine Guest – Deb Lipsky

Deb Lipsky has been studying, and practicing, within the field of paranormal, for well over 4 decades.  Her primary area of interest has been demonology, and with 47 years of experience, we’re thinking she’s about as seasoned as they come.   As an individual with “high functioning autism”, Deb’s perspective regarding paranormal topics can offer unique viewpoints we haven’t previously considered, so tonight’s podcast is bound to be as interesting as it is entertaining.

An excerpt from Deb’s personal website may offer a bit more insight into her background in paranormal.

Deborah Lipsky has been a paranormal investigator for over 30 years. As a young child she began to see the spirit world and grew up in a home enviroment that encouraged her to embrace these gifts. As an only child and without childhood friends, Deborah devoted a lot of her time to studying and embracing the paranormal. As a teenager she became a dark arts practioner for 7 years with a special interest in inhuman entities or demons. Deb’s specialty now is  a demonologist and she assists with various Catholic priests in cases involving the demonic. With her Master’s degree in counseling she has the psychological tools to help her clients overcome the fear and terror associated with demonic hauntings.
She has conducted paranormal investigations all over the US including Waverly Hills and the Mrytle’s Plantation.

Deborah is also autistic and has written 2 books on autism that are sold worldwide by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. She has just finished a 3rd book on the nature of demons and spiritual warfare which will be published by Tau Publishers this year. She runs a ministry called, “Our Lady of the Light” where she helps people with demonic hauntings and infestations get the help they need to rid themselves of such attachments, through prayer, sacramentals and pastoral counseling.

She lives on a farm in Northern Maine and raises miniature horses. She is also an avid military collector. She has been on television numerous times for autism and was featured in a documentary on MPBN about autism called, “Making Our Way” which is still viewable if you go the MPBN website. She also is available for paranormal investigations anywhere in the US.”






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